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Slime Assets for VFX

By on 8:14 pm

Awesome Assets for VFX to add to your film and movies by Film Riot @

Get the pack now –

78 high-quality Slime and Fluid assets. Perfect for compositing in creature designs, using as gore and blood, motion graphics, sci-fi, and more!

– 78 Drag and Drop Assets
– ProRes 4444
– Black background for easy compositing
– 5 Categories

20 comments on “Slime Assets for VFX

  1. Great effects, maybe I’ll use it in my future videos.

  2. 00:05 That’s the best and most convincing render of a mixamo character I’ve ever seen

  3. doctor: quick, your wife is delivering a ba-
    me: shhhh- FILM RIOT just released a NEW VIDEO!

  4. it looks great! I’m very happy with your LUT packs 🙂

  5. I am not first or last but i am the fastest clicker when film riots release new video

  6. *Me, before watching this video:* I have no need for slime VFX.

    *Me, after watching this video:* Welp, time to write something that needs slime VFX!

  7. Something I didn’t even know I needed! I’ll find excuses to use this lol

  8. Ah yes, some slime for my *s t i c k y p i s t o n s*

  9. You have granted me with an insatiable hunger for stock slime effects. CURSE YOU!!!!

  10. This is revolutionary man, i never thought I will be using “slime” thingy in my video until i saw this video

  11. Does anybody remember Film Riot movie reviews from the PlayStation Home days? It was the first time I ever saw them. Loved them ever since.

  12. These stocks will look awesome in making of HORROR Movies..

  13. Crazy affordable. Now i need to figure out something to film to use slime

  14. love this idea for a pack……..way to think outside the box!

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