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The Infinity Pack: VFX Assets

By on 8:15 pm

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26 comments on “The Infinity Pack: VFX Assets

  1. oh snap! time to beef up my VFX arsenal, I guess!

  2. Please tell me this is available for Davinci Fusion too.

  3. Well, I guess I must plan for using every money I own to get these’s things I don’t YET own.

  4. This gonna be a pretty stupid question, but is it suitable for premiere Pro 2020

  5. I will definitely buy this but please do tutorials, this pack is useless to me unless if know how to use them in my shorts.

    1. Free tutorials will be coming! We’ll be posting them here.

  6. Well, if a digital download could ever run out, this is when it would happen.

  7. The Infinity Pack comes out on Black Friday.

    On release day the pack will be 60% off for the first hour (Nov 29th, 12am-1am CST) and 50% off for the rest of the day!

    Check the link in the notes for more details.

    1. Is it $98 during black Friday? or is that its current price?

    2. @Sami Shukayr Archives $98 currently, 50% off on Black Friday and 60% off for the first hour 🙂

    3. @adamec145 CST. Just edited to add. Thanks for pointing that out!

  8. I need you guys to show us how you did all of these

  9. God damn. That Dr Manhattan re creation was amazing.

  10. God damn you…. BEFORE WATCHING “Nah i dont need this”. WATCHES VIDEO “I need this in my life” FML

  11. Why haven’t you posted this beautiful quality before? You guys are a lot more talented than you let on.

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