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What is Low Budget?

By on 8:14 pm

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47 comments on “What is Low Budget?

  1. I can relate to this because I shot my short film with a A7S2 and 3 batteries. Anything is possible but you need stop letting budgets define your shoot! Love you guys man!

    1. Sai Ashwin no. Got mine used off Kijiji for 1600.00. Could have done it with my a6300. It’s not the gear it’s the person behind it! If I was worried about cost all the time I would have never even attempted the short film. It’s not just about resources but how resourceful you can be! I used friends as actors, who also were cosplayers so they helped a lot with the costume. My sound guy flaked on me so we had to do all the audio in studio. We had only two days to shoot with a 5 hour period. I drove a total of 17 hours both days in a row to pick up and drop off all the actors! The weather changed and we ended up having to revise and shoot in non chronological order. I forgot a charger in Ottawa and had to drive back from Montreal to get it and got no sleep! Charged back up the batteries and went on no sleep! Sometimes the biggest challenges lead to the best results. I’m no different then you man you just got to believe in your vision as much as I did!

    1. Pro Effects MAX I realized the same! When did that happen??

    2. @Insanejughead next tutorial “aging effects” lmao!!

  2. Remember you promoted Netflix before it was a huge thing… you’re a trend setter

  3. “Using an Alexa to shoot your film is not gonna make it better. It might make it easier to make it look prettier, but it’s not gonna make the film better.” Well said sir!

  4. Hey Ryan, I’m really happy that you used some of my shots (super 8 projector) in this video . It’s a real honor for me because you teach me so many thing during the last years. Thank you for everything !

    1. Dude! Your shots are amazing. I was drooling all over them on Artgrid. Excellent work!

    2. @Film Riot Thank you, coming from you nothing could make me more happy tonight 🙂 !

    3. @Max Freyss That is so good to hear I am so happy for you^^!
      edit: they are really good btw

  5. You guys paid your dues just like the rest of us….. never apologize for being able to use good gear now because others cant…. you have earned the trust of companies and made connections over your careers…I never understood people wanting u to stay a bo budget filmmaker simply because they are.

    1. Thank you! *internet hug* or *internet friendly handshake*… whichever you prefer.

    2. LunaScope Film School Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

    3. At that level it’s really a question of whether it’ll be harder to get high production value on the front end (low budget) or harder to make profit on the back end (high budget).

  6. Like I’ve always said:”a lack of resources requires a surplus of creativity.”

    1. And Also an ungodly amount of time, great luck (I have twice almost wrecked my camera by dropping it) and infinite retakes…

  7. “It’s not about the money.” aside. I’d love to hear you talk about how you financed your larger budgets and if you saw any return on your investment.

    1. @Christopher you didn’t come off attacking at all. My “upset” comment was for the other post. Your question was a good one. Thinking about doing an episode to dive in more. Thanks!

    2. @Film Riot Ryan you did what you did and you deserve all budget you want. And you deserved the $120k+ on ballistic… And again you deserve to get your “there comes a knocking” made on bigger budget hollywood level. Good bless you

    3. @Film Riot That would be fantastic. It’s an interesting subject, not just in where do you go, what do you prepare, who, and how do you ask but what does it mean for the integrity of your film. I’ll never forget the scene in Ed Wood where his investor says, “I want the film to end with a big explosion.” and then proceeds to insist that his nephew be cast as the lead. I could go on.

  8. My dolly strategy has always been putting socks on the tripod legs lol

    1. Buddies of mine made a slider out of PVC and a few pieces of scrap lumber.

  9. When he said the term “micro budget” my brain was like-
    “Uh, so that’ll be like, up to $250 right?”

    and then he said $100,000 and my brain imploded…

    …and they all lived happily ever after, the end.

    1. Same here, I’m working on a no budget short I guess because I’ve only put in $10k so far.

    2. @Skarry That’s a good chunk though! Where can I watch it?

    3. all i could think about when he said micro budget was people going around the set searching for microaggressions xD

  10. 9:49 good heavens Ana de Armas is such a pretty lady

  11. Low budget is when filmmakers promise to pay their actors in footage and never do

  12. I thought watching this video would demotivate me, because of all the restraints of budget… but oooohhh was I wrong

  13. I’ve followed your career since before the pms horror movie, I’ve always agreed with your opinion and I’m proud of everything you’ve done Ryan. Specially how resourceful you are when the budget is tight, I’m so happy that you get to have bigger budgets to realize your vision. And I always look forward to what you’ll do next.

  14. Biggie said it best: “Mo’ money, mo problems.”

  15. I always say we don’t have a budget, just to feel more humble, but in reality who knows how much I spend on gas, props, gear over the course of time, whether or not it is centric for just one film purpose. Being a young indie filmmaker is definitely a interesting grey area regarding budgets.

  16. Ryan: what is low budget
    Me: I
    Ryan: scuse me?
    Me (in a thunderous, booming voice): It is I, the defenition of low budget

  17. Honest question: why did you choose to make ballistic for 120k, instead of shooting a non-genre feature (drama or comedy) for that very same amount of money? In Europe, people shoot extremely low budget features for that much money, then you see those films getting recognition at a couple of major film festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Venice) or even smaller ones (Turin, San Sebastian, London, Rome, Locarno), and that jump-starts the filmmaker’s career. I’m thinking of a lot of european filmmakers who might not be popular across the ocean, but this could also applies to the careers of peeps like Noah Baumbach or Sean Baker, or films like Blair Witch Project.
    I mean, what are the pros of shooting a High budget short film instead of a micro budget feature? Because, you know, short films are extremely hard to market and to get people to see them, while with a feature this is way easier (also, if I were a studio exec, I’ll be more impressed to see a young director who has pulled of a feature-lenght film or documentary, rather than see one that has made primarly short films).

  18. Hey Ryan & everybody at Film Riot: 10 years ago, I found out my camera had a movie mode by stumbling over you channel. Fast forward to now: I’m working with video full time and I couldn’t be happier. Your statement about “being a new kind of film school” really resonated with me and I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to share your journey and being entertaining and inspiring in doing so.

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