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Things for Filmmakers to do During Quarantine

By on 8:15 pm

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46 comments on “Things for Filmmakers to do During Quarantine

  1. All I’m doing is writing and perfecting my editing and story telling . And yes STOP

    1. @Crash Tv So I would be writing stories at time to practise just like you draw and draw again to improve

    2. @Denny Martíne But, would I be writing one story then learn from it then right another. Is that practising?

    3. AcidSpitting llama
      Exactly or ridding a bike , I just finished filming and about to edit .

    4. @Crash Tv How much do you think someone learns from one film or story since drawing is faster process so maybe you learn little by little. Creating film and story is much longer so will I learn much more. It’s just writing a story takes so much time.

    5. @AcidSpitting llama

      My advice, watch the master of pity, fear and catharsis… Mr Bean. He does all those things in short skits that are all 10 minutes or less and you can find them here on YouTube.

      After you get the feeling for proper pacing you should start writing your own short stories, as many as possible and don’t stop until you see a big difference from the first script to the last one you wrote

  2. My job in film production (I work at a large camera rental house in LA) got shutdown for 2 months because of this virus and we all got laid off for the time being, so I’m taking this quarantine time to try to focus on my filmmaking skills in writing and editing (maybe try to understand how VFX work?), but man its a rough time.

  3. I love movies… that doesn’t mean I want to live in this movie plot! I’d prefer to “have a cold pint and wait for this whole thing to blow over.”

  4. I’m learning Photoshop during these time hoping to add more.

    1. @Waqar Siddiqui I need to relearn after-effects again.

    2. ​@Segun Olusanya It’s so much fun, the plus side is I can implement these skills in any future film projects.

  5. When’s the next episode of the film riot podcast coming out for our ears to enjoy?

  6. You guys rock! And the free pack!? F’n awesome. Something to play with during this time! You guys stay safe!

  7. During quarantine, I’m feeling of writing and filming a horror Isolation short film. Based of the event happening around me.

    1. id like to see that when youre done, your idea kind of reminds me of the short of this is the end video,not sure if you seen it.

    2. I subbed with notifications on! Happy to support a fellow filmmaker… hope to see your short film soon! Best of luck!!!

  8. Hi I’m Stan! I’m 12 years old, does anyone have any cool ideas for films to write. I would like it to be more like sad and more about the mind and less of a big blockbuster, can anyone help? Thx!!!

    1. Hey Stan. I’d advice you to do a brainstorming session and figure out what inspires you. Are you writing to shoot it or just writing for the sake of writing? Because if you’re just writing for the sake of writing go nuts with it but if you’re going to shoot it, try to be more mindfull of what you can actualy pull off.

      I’d advice you to google about writing and drama. Stay safe young one!

  9. one day we’ll look back at all this and be like – that’s one hell of a family of film people. downloading the quarantine pack now.

  10. 0:30 I’ve never ‘liked’ a video so fast in all my life xD

    1. I wish I knew about Resolve earlier. I mean, HitFilm is good and it has great simple VFX stuff, but good gravy DaVinci Resolve is so great! But I’ve been using Resolve for a year now and I don’t think I’m ever leaving

    2. I’m trying to boot it up and it says that an opencll cannot be found… Or something like that. What should I do?

  11. When your Quarantine pack has files names like “Horde” and “Virus”, am I (over)analyzing something here… 😉

  12. You forgot one thing: watch Film Riot on YouTube.

  13. 7:59 I saw Spirited Away on you’re list Ryan! I never thought I would respect you even more.

  14. I got an idea. How about a *Lockdown Challenge*

    Make a short film using only the few items and actors you’re stuck with in your home… or wherever else you happen to be locked down at

  15. I was getting ready to film the last, and most important scene of my short film. Then this all happened.
    Good luck to my filmmaking community!

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