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Stop Being Afraid of Failure

By on 8:16 pm

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Failure is good for you.

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34 comments on “Stop Being Afraid of Failure

  1. Last time I was this early, I participated in a Monday Challenge

  2. This has to be a sign. I been battling with this for months

  3. “The greatest teacher, Failure is…” -Master Yoda

  4. “Just start. The rest is easy.” George Jenkins

  5. I’ve been filming for 15 years and own a successful production company. I fail at stuff all the time. I don’t think failure ever goes away you just get a little more graceful each time.

  6. I loved Proximty too!!! Also tell Kramer to talk about Intercept

  7. bruh….you have no idea how relevant this is to my life rn. I’m really hesitating taking a job right now because of this very reason, but this really spoke to me. Thanks Ryan, you 100, keep it dat way homie.

  8. This is the best film riot episode prove me wrong

    1. Can’t prove you wrong because you’re 100% correct. Very genuine episode

  9. _”Never let your success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart.”_

    *— Anonymous*

  10. Oh man. I have fear of failure on every single project. I shoot weddings and before every wedding I get massive anxiety (less than I used to) but it’s terrifying. Shooting creative projects, especially with actors or models that I really respect and admire in my area – so much anxiety. I’m at a place now where I’m working on putting together a series of small videos with models, and I find myself petrified in the planning stage. I just need to accept that some projects will work and some will suck, and some will be in between and that’s ok because I’ll learn a lot. I think being in business making commercials and films as a living makes me feel like I can’t afford to fail – but I think that’s a fallacy. Even at the Hollywood level there are failures and directors still go on (usually).

  11. Take calculated risks. Failure is good but don’t go homeless bro.

  12. Thank you Ryan. I really needed this and I’m sure others do too.

  13. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

  14. “Failure should be an option, fear is not”- James Cameron

  15. I haven’t shot anything narratively that i’ve been really proud of since 2015 for MyRodeReel. I keep making excuses for not shooting something for the next one and this year has been the year I’ve dedicated to shoot something for RodeReel 2020 and this was the icing on the cake to move forward. Thanks for the inspiration Ry Guy. Been a Film-Rioter since the early days ( I won the ‘Monster Challenge’ all those years ago, and still use the NTG3 i won on every project! )…Keep doing watcha doing Big Dawg!

  16. That felt like a father to son talk…words of wisdom that can only be said through experience.

    I’ve been watching you guys since day 1…you taught me so much and the memories are priceless. Thank you

    1. Is Andrew Kramer still working on it? He definitely should release it some day!

    2. I was gonna ask the same… I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO IT

  17. As a random voice on the internet, I sometimes feel afraid to share how I feel about your (Ryan’s) work. The biggest sources of fuel comes from this thought about whether or not what I say will matter. Will my comments be tossed in a pile along with trolls and haters? After all, text on a screen does not convey well enough the intentions the tone of my voice would in a conversation. It could not convey how Ryan and Film Riot has made a difference in my life. I still sing turbulent displacement. I still say it’s “bloody brutal”. And I still secretly hope that Film Riot batman comes back.
    Anything I would say would be with the utmost care and concern for Film Riot, Ryan’s career and a healthy future for the business. Still, I can’t help but wonder how my comments will be taken and if they will be read with the tone I intended it. Some could argue I am over thinking it. I have been guilty of that. However, at least I was not afraid to share this. So I suppose this Ryan’s advice in practice.

    1. Thank you Ryan! This could not have popped up on my feed today at a more perfect time.

  18. Preach Connolly!

    “Failure is ALWAYS an option,”.
    — Adam Savage of Mythbusters

    i actually like your old sketches! As cheesy as they are, they’re a lot of fun and I can definitely tell that you guys are having fun and you just want to MAKE stuff! And make and make and make and make some more.

    My failure comes from film school and failing out of the film major and having to study something else for a short time so I could graduate. All of my student shorts suck (except my very first one is enjoyable) but I learned and got to experience SOO much from the film school failures that it accelerated my learning and experience. I got more out of a year and half in school that what I could’ve gotten from 5 or more years on my own. I’m VERY grateful for what I went through in school.

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