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Sci-Fi Battlefield | (After Effects Tutorial)

By on 8:15 pm

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Ground 3D Model:

Ground Texture:

Rubble Models:



Sky Image:

Mountain Image:

Foggy Mountain image:

Rock models from Element 3D Starter Pack, Concrete and Skeleton textures from Videocopilot Pro Shaders 2:

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C300 mkII:
A7s II:


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H4n Zoom:
Zoom F8:

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19 comments on “Sci-Fi Battlefield | (After Effects Tutorial)

  1. This was amazing. Y’all constantly outdo yourselves.

  2. This is the style of tutorials that we are looking for. All important steps compressed in 10 minutes instead of 2 hours. Thank you for this big effort!

    1. Amazing because it’s not some dude in front of his computer pressing record and filming a 90 minute video to upload. This is so fluent and interesting to watch.

  3. Holy crap, I never boosted the AO intensity past 10…I better up my game!

  4. How Long did i take you to do the whole effect? This is fantastic. Condensing it all to 10 Minutes is insane!!

  5. You guys are really killing it. You have started making year appropriate feature film vfx tuts that Kramer stopped doing a few years back.

  6. Crazy what you can do in AE these days, Element is a powerhouse. Those Infinity FX look rad!!

  7. I find this so unfathomable & amazing. To what you can create in such a short notice and on a low budget. Looks very photorealistic!

  8. Holy crap – I learned more about how to use Element 3D in 7 minutes than the last six years I’ve had it.

  9. It’s crazy how realistic of a shot you can get with Element. Great tutorial. I specifically wondered how you guys made this shot. Loved it!

  10. This is amazing! Literal lifesavers! I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this for over a year in anticipation for my major film project! Thank you guys so much!! Just in time to!

  11. That actually looks so good. Would love to see some space / sci-fi stuff

  12. Them: Nicethickchunkyembers Ryan isn’t real, he can’t hurt you…
    Nicethickchunkyembers Ryan: 5:47

  13. I love the small things… for example that the links have exactly the right order in the description box like how they used them in the video. Feels good. feels really good!

  14. This helps anyone in terms of mind opening, but this is for after effects addicts, I mean if you went thru it all and understood every step, congrats you are very fluent.

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