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Learn more about the making of freelancer at Pocket Film School

Additional Music by Tomas Fox

BTS footage was shot by Kalen Artinian
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Film Riot –
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Film Riot –
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Ryan Thompson –
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22 comments on “Making of FREELANCER

  1. I thought the entire concept of this short film was super interesting. I had no idea how the plot would live up to the name Freelancer, but when I found out, I loved it. Very good job to everyone involved in it.

  2. Last time I was this early this joke was still original.

  3. Fun getting to see some fresh, new voices! Love what you guys are doing, and I loved the short.

  4. Watching in Here Straight From India ❣️❣️

  5. Love it. Thanks for the great BTS and amazing short. So much fun.

  6. That’s a pretty big crew and a lot of expensive gear for a $5k short. Must have got a lot of free stuff. It looks great for that budget, the sets and lighting are on point.

    1. Eric Tompkins rigghhhhht. Nobody wants to add the cost of equipment in there because it wouldn’t be a low budget then. I don’t mind using existing equipment and not adding it to the cost but “that’” is some unconstitutional flex.

    2. Hey Eric! We had really great gear and through relationships we built and the tricks we have we were able to make it look really cool. Thanks for watching!

    3. Pocket Film School awesome! Great work, I appreciate the reply.

    4. @Pocket Film School Not seeing how to download the material for free.

    5. @Herbert Massey Hi Herbert! It’s part of our director’s masterclass :):)

  7. I LOVE BTS VIDEOS. I learn so much from them.

  8. Now I’m curious of Ryan’s next short movies, or any projects that he has.

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