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How to Get Money For Your Film

By on 8:14 pm

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With the help of a few special guests like David Sandberg, Colin Levy, Seth Worley, and Ryan Polly… Ryan talks about how you can get money for your film and if you even need to.

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24 comments on “How to Get Money For Your Film

  1. The timing is perfect for this video, I recently just went full time into my own marketing business

  2. It’s crazy, I feel like you guys post things at the exact same time I’m trying to figure out those topics! We are currently trying to figure and get our full funding for our feature film we are filming in Fall!

    Keep up the great work! Thanks for everything you do for the filmmaking community! We’ve learned most of what we know from you guys and have applied it to all our shorts and the one feature we’ve done.

    1. Lmao me too! Check out my IG: I so posted a cry baby picture. AND the Film Gods spoke.

    2. HA HA HA…You called that one alright. I even mentioned it last week. I was scolding a super newbie about how unprepared he was and not even getting permits of planning the 3-week shoot in Downtown SanDiego and BINGO…that night here’s Ryan with the exact thing I was telling the guy. Ryan even remembered me from years ago of something I mentioned years ago and replied back…Big time guys are still homies!! Rock on or we’ll hurt cha bad LOL

  3. 25 views 25 likes (so far)…. you were right Ryan, Beautiful community!

  4. Again sir , film riot are an inspiration to all of us , and we ask you a question on Twitter you go out the way to answer us or just have a general conversation. Not to many big YouTubers do that and I speak for some of us or all of us THNKS A WHOLE BUNCH
    Keep it up I’m caught up with all the film riot episodes .

  5. I’m always grateful for videos like this, you’re doing justice by informing others about this matter

  6. Another fantastic enlightening episode, guys! Makes me want to jump on my next short.

  7. This was totally one of the best Film Riot episodes ever, brilliant advice from such humble, talented people all round. Been watching you guys for 10 years – I’m 20 now – and you still inspire me, thanks for everything you do.

  8. Always appreciate the time, effort, and honest info you guys have provided over the years. Thank you for putting this one together and sourcing other filmmakers for their specific input – it’s inspirational!

  9. Great episode, love this channel! Was looking forward to a new episode to help forget about the week we’re having. I’m so inspired by all of you guys. BTW, being a featured filmmaker on Film Riot is on my bucket list

  10. I’m 13 years old, and movies have been my life for a while. I just finished my script and I’m starting to film in a few weeks. I couldn’t have done it without Film Riot. You guys always give the best advice. I hope you guys see my films when they come out. Thanks guys.

    1. I’m also 13 and I’m writing my script with two of my friends

    2. I’m 16 and I’m also in the process of shooting my most ambitious short ever lol, when you’re done send us links, we will definitely see it!!!

    3. I’m also a 13 year old filmmaker! Nice to hear about others who love to do the same thing at the same age

    4. you guys are all awesome, college film student here and I started around the same age:) You guys got this!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

    5. So nice to see all these young future film makers developing their skills. (When I was at school, “media studies” was only just starting. And from 250 people in my year, old 2 wanted to do film and video! (So they dropped the course, and put us into the ‘resistive materials’ classes !)

  11. “Write Shoot Edit and Repeat!” Learnt this from you guys..THANK YOU!

  12. Hearing all the different approaches was encouraging & motivating.

  13. Lol, “this monitor will turn into a mirror in sunlight.”

  14. I am 11 years old, and I was actually interested in movies and short films recently. I made one horror film, actually, it sucked. I spent about $6 on only the editor. And 1 week for all the shooting, editing, etc. I could have made it better. But, I was running out of time. I am making another movie (a comedy short film) with my friends. I made the script but never shot it. I am waiting for the right time and right gear to shoot it. I would be really grateful if anyone supports me by donating or at least subscribing. By the way, thanks to Film Riot for the amazing content you guys make. It really helped me a lot.

    (Edit) I never thought of saying this until I saw Adam Wolf’s comment and I thought why don’t I say about what I’ve been doing and making. And I would definitely love your support for me. The account I used for commenting is my channel (GSK Studios) make sure to check it.

  15. This video is one of the best quality tutorials/advice. Extremely helpful and useful, and plenty of different insights from different experiences.
    Fantastic, good work!

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