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Directed, Edited and Produced by Zach Ramelan

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  1. Love how even tho it’s released noone now’s how it’s gonna finish yet

  2. This was such an incredible concept, did not expect that ending at all. @Film Riot, you guys are such an inspiration. Fantastic job on all parts!

    1. The description indicates they had little to no involvement with this project…

    2. @KingBlade Well, regardless, credit to the director. Still a great piece

    3. This film was directed, edited and produced by Zach Ramelan. Zach and his team did a wonderful job and deserve all the praise. Check out the Making of (link in the notes) to see how they pulled it off.

    4. @Film Riot Apologies, didn’t mean to miscredit anyone! Zach defintely did an amazing job. Really loved this short. Thanks for sharing the video to us!

    5. Thank you so much! We loved developing and shooting this story. If you want to see more films by Zach we have them for giveaway in our masterclass!!

  3. Wow, I love the twist so much. Love how light works throughout the film. Great work everyone who worked on this.

    1. ManWithAPlan thank you so much!! We’re really proud of it and how many people gave their energy to make it. If you want more info on the lighting and production value check out our masterclass (link in description!)

  4. i was about to sleep and said i’ll give it 2 mins to excite me, dang! 18 secs was all it took to get me hooked. Its so good that i’m actually now going to bed with totally different emotions. That ending got me sad and angry at the same time. Guess that’s how you know you did it right. Nice work people.

  5. Why the screens in sci fi movies are always have to be glitchy?
    Love this short film.

  6. Such a beautiful concept of this whole entire story. “You gotta do whatcha do”

    1. Duo PrideGates thank you so much for watching and commenting!!

  7. That was such a waste of a time because of the ending. Everything else tells everything we need to know about him and is great. I understand the test of his character nearing the end, but the way it was set up at the ending wouldn’t have been different if he had woken up from a “dream.” It felt like all the effort put into building up to the climax was thrown away because ‘uh-oh the coin landed on tails when it should have been heads!’

    Otherwise the sound, scoring, acting, production design, locations, and cinematography really hide this problem well.

  8. The work you guys put in your short films is overwhelming, your channel inspired me to make my own short films, but I realise i have a loooot to get to your level

    1. Luca Stefan Alexandru hey Luca! We bet you’re on a higher level than you think you are! Go out there and make your shorts !!

    2. Pocket Film School thank you for the support!!

  9. I couldn’t clearly hear the dialogue, so I couldn’t fully understand the whole story.

  10. please complete tutorial of sounds, background music and foley etc

  11. In a word: What the hell was that all about?

    Was he a paramedic? Was he a cyborg paramedic, hence the orange eye flash? Was he on the run from something? Who hauled him off at the end? Was she pregnant after all, or stabbed seeing as the blood was high up on her abdomen? What was the black and white seashore on TV? Who was laying in the street whilst the lightning flashed? What was the significance of the storm? Who was she in comunnication with? Was she a decoy/plant? … I don’t think it will be winning a BAFTA any time soon.

    Oh, and why so dark? When YouTube add their compression, it’s virtually silouettes and the occassional red moving armband

    1. seems like hes a paramedic in some dark future where big pharma is head honcho. he was about to break psychologically so I assume the bosses set him up with a blind test. to see if he’d stay on track. the dudes who hauled him away are clearly from the security division of said company. on the darkness thing… I think you might want to calibrate your monitor or something. I saw everything and everyone just fine.

  12. Loved the execution of the project, however, next time take along a few more lights we can see the actors and tighten up the edit where it needs it. Otherwise not bad.

  13. Subtitles would’ve been nice for non-native English listeners and hearing-impaired people. The radio voice and the mumbled dialog are drown out by the droning sound design.

  14. I’m getting Blade Runner Vibes and I love it!

  15. I remember seeing this in the Theatre when it first premiered at Buffer Fest 2019
    WOW! It’s DEFINITELY a better experience watching it on the big screen!

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