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Disintegration Effect | (After Effects Tutorial)

By on 8:14 pm

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Grab the assets we used in this tutorial:

Free background image:

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In the first Tuesday Tutorial, we show how you can get a disintegration effect based on the Dr. Manhattan Energy Death from the film Watchmen.







C300 mkII:
A7s II:


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H4n Zoom:
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29 comments on “Disintegration Effect | (After Effects Tutorial)

  1. Finally! I bought all their assets and want to do all the effects but dont know how!!

    1. will manzanilla film riot has a ton of tutorials on the triune asset stuffs

    2. will manzanilla not sure about all of the newest stuff, but you can search on the channel specifically if youre on their dashboard if youre using a pc to watch youtube

  2. That disintegrated all other notifications. Film Riot!

  3. OMG I literally watch the infinity trailer and wanted to recreate the disintegration effect yesterday and these were the EXACT STEPS I TOOK xD

  4. I still sing “Turbulent Displacement” at my desk at work while people around me grow concerned. Thanks for bringing it back.

    1. I mumbled on an airplane when the pilot said turbulence. I started singing it and realized what I was doing and mumbled into nothing. I was the crazy guy talking to himself on that flight.

    2. Yeah, immediately scrolling down to read comments xD

  5. Ayy, feeling like film riot is coming BACK again! Hope we’ll continue to see more tutorial like these and not only with vfx! AMAZING

  6. Dang I wish I was really into after effects this would be really helpful. However when I have an after effects person do work for me I’ll refer them over to this

  7. Love these kind of short and sweet tutorials, please keep them coming!! They’re not too beginner-ish, but also not insanely hard or drawn out. Thanks Film Riot!

  8. 3:27… ah the old days *shakes desk to music

  9. So hyped right now! Can’t wait for more in depth tutorials like this! Not only for the techniques used but also for the major inspiration for new projects!

  10. I want a remaster of Turbulent Displacement. Make it 4K, add lens flare and compress the audio RMS.

    1. my only regret is that I have but one thumbs up to give

    2. @Joe Wood A remaster isn’t improvement 🙂 but due to the ‘technology of the times’ we lie to ourselves that we make it better, while keeping it as close to the original.

    3. @Andrew Alexander and lens flares are not remastering…

    4. @Joe Wood Neither is compressing RMS. Hence the joke characteristic of my comment.

  11. When cooking, you often get a “recipe” .. You should say “What you will need… If you don’t have this you can substitute with.. ” And links to the plugins or even amazon products if you need them.. Cheers guys!

  12. I love how when editing each individual effect looks Janky on its own. But when you put it all together it looks so cool!

  13. I got accepted into fullsail University last December.

  14. I love that all these years later, whenever I hear “turbulent displacement” I have a pavlovian response to just go TURBULENT DISPLACEMENT

  15. that’s interesting tutorial you guys are doing, long last Tuesday tutorials

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