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Short Films 101 | Coming Black Friday

By on November 21, 2019

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Short Films 101 is a class by Seth Worley. Coming this Black Friday.

22 comments on “Short Films 101 | Coming Black Friday

  1. Every time I shoot a video: “Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to help shoot my video. Now go in the corner and stay quiet for the rest of the shoot…”

  2. I can’t wait for this… I love Seth so much that sometimes I write stories where Seth and I are friends and we do cool friends things like go to target

  3. I want to have fun , post production is my favorite part , reactions are my second , if a title comes so be it if not I’m still looking to entertain. Can’t wait.

  4. On the topic of short films I was wondering if you guys could give me constructive feedback on my short film I submitted to the light this location competition it was called DIE AND SEEK.

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