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PIZZA TIME – (Short Film)

By on December 9, 2019

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A legendary pizza delivery driver goes to the right place at the wrong time when he stumbles into the scene of a hitman's contract killing.

A Maker Table Production ( )

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WORLD PREMIERE San Diego Comic-Con 2019
WINNER – Audience Choice Short & Best Editing, Austin Revolution Film Festival 2019
WINNER – Best Comedy Short, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2019
WINNER – Best Short Film & Best Cinematography, PressPlay Film Festival 2019

Written & Directed by Ryan Polly
Producer: Grant Wakefield
Producer: Joe Childress, Isaac Lewis, and Andrew Lewis
Starring Ben Worley, Eric Jacobus, and Orlando Valentino
Director of Photography: Daniel Routh
Production Designer: Jonathan Rudak
Costume Designer: Lizzy Farrel
Editor: Joy Michael
Music by: Ben Worley
Executive Producers: Ryan Polly and Whitney Sirois
Co-Producers: Phyllis Gamble and Mechelle Slaughter
Associate Producers: Josh Knepper, Dean Polly, and Lisa Polly

A Maker Table Production ( )
In association with Denton Film and Southern Sky Films

MPS Studios ( )
Capital Camera Rental ( )

1st AD: Isaac Lewis
2nd AD: Aaron Rector
Script Supervisor: Lindsey Detwiler
Stunts: Eric Jacobus
1st AC: Andrew Bradford
2nd AC: Levi Mlinar
Steadicam Operator: KC Kennicutt
B Cam Op: Jake Brown
B Cam Op / Camera Utility: Andrew Czap
Digital Imaging Technician: Joshua Gallas
Stills Photographer: Jacob Daniels
BTS Videographer: Joshua Fortuna
On-Set Dresser: Lauren Sultan
Set Dresser: Julia Cruz
Art Director (Pizza Parlor Unit): Whitney Sirois
Set Dresser (Pizza Parlor Unit): Lindsey Detwiler
Key Makeup Artist: Meagan D’von
Special FX Makeup: Sarah Brill
HMU Assistant: Jazmin Lino
Key Grip: Richard Porter
Best Boy Grip: David Hammer
Dolly Grip: Russell Rakestraw
Grip: Michael Kelley
Grip: Keith Naylor
Grip: Jake Brown
Gaffer Maximo: Contreras
Best Boy Electric: Daniel Hernandez
Electrician: Trey Garrison
Chief Lighting Designer: Scott Payne
Production Sound Mixer: Eric March, Codi Putman
Key Production Assistant: Joshua Wilbourn
PAs: Evan Scallan, Rene Gomez, Brett Davidson
Medic: Liz Daniels
Catering: Food Dance Foods

Colorist: Jacob McKee
Color Services provided by The Mill
Sound Design & Mix by Defacto Sound
Visual Effects: Rob Martinez
End Title Crawl created with

25 comments on “PIZZA TIME – (Short Film)

  1. 1. This is such an amazing photography and amazing director and more amazingly well custome designer
    2. I loved all the action scenes and the stunts which showed amazing talent
    3. Loved the score and the editing actuall shows that you all did an amazing job
    4. I didn’t like the idea at first but into the scenes I felt that I am actually convinced to watch it and to follow it up
    5. Hoped for a back story or even an introduction to the pizza guy
    6. Amazing art and I can’t wait to see whatever else you have

  2. That’s it. I’m quitting my pizza delivery job in the morning. Too many on the job hazards. I don’t have any workman’s comp. I heard Deontay Wilder is looking for a new sparring partner. That seems like a less dangerous job.

  3. The production was well done: great cinematography, costumes, sets, and lighting. I thought the acting was mostly appropriate for this kind of film, but there were quite a few “awkward” moments, and not in a good way. I know it’s a comedy, but it’s still a life-or-death situation, and it didn’t seem like the reactions were always realistic. I mean, the pizza guy didn’t try to call 911 when he had the chance, barely reacted to his knife wound, and it didn’t make sense for the hitman to take his time and eat a slice of pizza when he finally gets the chance to kill this delivery boy for ruining his hit. I get that he was “taunting” him, but after what he’d been through, I don’t think he would mess around like that, and you could see the outcome coming a mile away.

    I did enjoy much of the movie, but I bring up these points because as a viewer, I went from enjoying the story to being frustrated by it. Either way, excellent work from everyone involved; I hope they learn and grow from this experience!

  4. The problem with the short is the action, it’s good, but there isn’t any motivation. We don’t feel the need for the pizza guy to get out, so we have the : when does it end ? Question

    Otherwise, the cinematography is great!

  5. I found this short very flashy and looked great, but everything else was weak. Found myself shaking my head at the directing choices and logic.

    1. Your not the only one I posted a very long response to this film I was expecting better since the trailer was so good.

  6. The arcade sound effects going with the fight in the arcade room was hands down the best part haha. Such a fun film, great job Maker Table crew!

  7. On the technical side i thought it was great! My only critique is really with the simplicity of the plot. With the 11 minute runtime the pacing started to drag a little bit after a while. I think either trimming it down or adding more significant plot developments and keeping the same runtime would have fixed that. That’s just my personal opinion though. I really loved the tone and dug the retro vibe of this short film! Excited to see what you make next! (The smash through the table was amazing btw)

  8. Oh man, usually I’m sad when someone comes up with a similar concept to one of mine and does it way better than me, but this is just some A+ beautiful action filmmaking.

    Loved the arcade cabinet gag in particular. Awesome work, team!

  9. you guys always have really good effects, set design, camera work and editing but the story and acting is always lacking. you guys should try making more narrative driven short films, less action and more real characters. i know this was a comedy but none of this was believable in anyway, the character choices made no sense. You can make flashy videos and cool effects but without a solid story and actors you will always be lacking. I’d love to see you guys a film riot try to make some really well written stories that are character driven.

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