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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Post Production Life

By on December 20, 2019

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22 comments on “5 Tips to Speed Up Your Post Production Life

  1. havent watched the video yet, since it came out like 60 seconds ago, but one thing i think more people need to know about is video muxers. like avidemux. which is free software that can cut up piece of video footage into a new file in seconds without having to spend hours rendering frames again. anyone who isnt doing any processing to their image and just wants to cut together to make a video can save a LOT of time, takes next to no processing pwer and most of the software that does it is free.

  2. I almost thought this was a cinecome video
    Since the thumbnail was kinda lkke cinecome…i mean look at the circle on 5

  3. Premiere is more CPU dependent than GPU. GPU steps in for render acceleration, lumetri / transitions / noise reduction, but if anyone with a budget has to choose between spending more on one or the other, CPU should be the priority, especially when it comes to H.264/5. The i9-9900K is the lead enthusiast / workhorse grade CPU before moving to the LGA 2066 socket size, at least for Intel. AMD is also putting out great CPUs like the 3900x, if you prefer AMD. But it’s not 100% necessary to go that big for a majority of users. The i5-9600K and 3600x will still provide great speed for cheaper. Another benefit would be to use an SSD as your working drive. Keep mass storage on HDD’s, but if you are working off an SSD, there will be a noticeable increase in playback stability and render times.

  4. All useless if you don’t have SSDs. They’re the first point to bottleneck and you need read/write speed for uncompressed RAW and other high quality codecs. Then there’s page filing and caching.

    1. @Film Riot Make sure you get NVMe SSDs. I would get a mother board with as many slots for them as you can and fill those up before going with regular SATA SSDs

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